Marathon Griffin Computers and Service - Computer and Laptop Sales - Computer Repairs and Service - Network & Accounting Specialist



Quality and customer care always comes first! 

  • Computer repairs to all makes and models. Will make on site service calls to customers located in the Marathon area. "Marathon Griffin Computers is a Dell Registered Partner".
  • Installation of home and office networks with wireless setups.
  • Professional website development; including publication of your site, registration of your domain name and submittal of your web site to various Internet search engines.
  • Accounting system setups of both Simply Accounting and QuickBooks, including upgrades and support.
  • File transfer services from one computer to another.
  • Reinstallation of your operating system on your computer.  Customers require their original operating system install CD's or a DVD if a recovery partition does not exist on your computer's hard drive. 
  • Cleaning services for computer systems including all makes and models.
  • POS custom touch screen point of entry sales systems including custom software, “Especially targeting the restaurant or bar businesses.”
  • Remote in support if possible to your computer system to resolve issues quickly.
  • Consultation services you may require for computer systems or software.
  • Microsoft Office software installation and support.
  • Virus and Trojan removal services. 
  • Quick turn around time on computer system repairs.
  • Data recovery service in the event your computer system will not boot up and you have important files you need."Hard drive must be accesable for data recovery to be possible."
  • Logos & business cards. 
  • Contact work for companies requiring their products serviced across the north shore area of Lake Superior covering areas from Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie.  


Marathon Griffin Computers inventory is diverse. We carry in stock most replacment parts for the Dell product line. However, with the growing vast number of computer systems and an ever increasing number of laptop models, we cannot carry in stock all the parts required.  In many cases we will need to order in the parts to repair you computer or laptop.
Our billing rate is fixed at $65.00 per hour and .60 cents per km for travel expenses outside of the town of Marathon.  On large out of town projects "depending on the location", hotel accommodations and meals may be billed back as part of our costs.

Payment policy notes:  With any larger project with sales and service = $2,000.00 or greater, a pre-payment percentage may be be asked for in advance or payment for any equioment ordered in advance.