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Remote Support

Marathon Griffin Computers and Service offers clients remote-in support. This is a service offering that is only available if your computer is working and you have an Internet connection available on the computer in question.

You need to contact us first by calling 807-229-6249 to arrange for a remote-in service session.

  • Many times remote in support is applicable in cases like . . .
  • You need assistance installing software such as a new printer.
  • Your computer is running and your Internet is working, but something is wrong and you need help.
  • You need professional guidance or training on how to do something on your computer.
  • You suspect you may have a virus or Trojan infection and the computer is still running and you can get out on the Internet, but want a professional to take a look at your computer.
  • You want your computer looked at as to why it is running so slow and you want professional advise on upgrading your system memory or hard drive space.
  • etc.

You can save money by using remote-in service as it saves time and travel on your final billing charges. The remote-in software is not installed on your computer and only resides in memory if you follow the simple steps below.

"By loading and running this remote-in software and providing Griffin Computers with your remote session ID you are giving Griffin Computers and Service the authorization to remotely connect into to your computer systems."

You can download and load our remote-in support software by following the steps as outlined below. 

STEP #1:  Click Here and when the following screen pops up:


Click on the "Run" option not the "Save" option. Click "Cancel" to abort running the remote-in software. If you click on the "Save" option the remote-in software will be saved to your computer's hard drive, but will not allow us to remote-in without you loading the software first and providing us an ID number that you will see later in a picture below.
It will take 20-40 seconds for the remote-in software to download and when it has been downloaded the screen below will appear.


STEP #2:  Click on the "Run" option as shown above.

You may receive a security warning screen as shown below:


STEP #3:  Click on the "Run" option to load the remote-in software or "Don't Run" to cancel running the remote-in software.

The next screen that pops up will be as shown below:


STEP #4:  You will have to provide Griffin Computers with the ID number that shows up so we can remote-in and access your computer system. Without you providing us the ID number we will not be able to connect into your computer.
Once you provide us the ID number within seconds we will have remote-in access to your computer and we can assist you.

STEP #5:  Disconnecting and unloading the remote-in software.  Once you close the remote-in software via clicking on the red X on the top-right corner of the screen or the "Cancel" button nothing remains on your computer system unless under Step #1 you selected to "Save" the remote-in software on your computer instead of selecting the "Run" option.

After your disconnect you "may see" a final screen that you can close simply by clicking the red X on the window.