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Other Products

Please note: Most of the products listed here require you to call in and obtain the most recent pricing.  Prices fluctuate daily so we really need to check the current price and get back to you with an accurate quote.


We can obtain for you a variety of misc. computer equipment that you may require for your computer service needs; motherboards, hard drives, power supplies, etc.
If you need your computer serviced or fixed rest assured we can find in most case the part you require and with our in house services we can install the part for you ensure everything is work as expected. 


In stock we carry Dlink-N extended range wireless router/firewalls for your business or residential needs.  As well, if you are located in the Marathon area we will come on site and professionally install your router and setup a secure wireless connection for you.  Our regular service rate of $50.00 per hour will apply.
We do make out of town service calls, however mileage charges may apply.


If you need a memory upgrade for your computer or laptop we can obtain memory chips for any make or model of computer you have.
"Prices vary depending upon RAM size and type."


We carry in stock hard drive replacement units for most computer brand, but laptop hard drives will have to be ordered in if required.
"Prices vary depending upon hard drive size and drive type."


If you need a new laptop case we can order one in for you.  Generally these are an order in item due to the greate number of laptop sizes that are available on the market.  These cases can be ordered in to fit the Netbook 10 and 11 inch laptops right up the the larger 17-18 inch laptops.
PRICES RANGE FROM $39.00 to $99.00   


Printers we can order and one of our faviorites is the Kodak Injet line of printers.  If you are tired of those expensive inkjet cartriages well you will love the Kodak.  Kodak injet cartriages are around 1/3 the cost of other injet replacment cartriages.
Call for pricing on these units! 


You cannot go wrong with the HP line for laser colour printers.  Show here is the HP Colour LaserJet CP3525n.
This is the laser printer I selected for my own in house fine quality printing to print master logos and graphic art work for my customers.
Call for pricing on these units!