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What Does a Dell Registered Partner Mean?



Marathon Griffin Computers and Service is proud to advise all of our clients that we are a Dell Registered Partner, but what does this actually mean?

  • Confirms that my company meets the basic business requirements to become a Dell Registered Partner.
  • Confirms that Dell has reviewed my business to ensure I am in the position to deal with the small business marketplace sector.
  • This is a Dell solution that sets Griffin Computers apart from other computer sales and service companies across the north shore area of Lake Superior.
  • Allows Marathon Griffin Computers and Service to provide to you very competitive pricing on all Dell products and equipment. 
  • From business development plans to sales and marketing to support, the Dell Registered Partner Program greatly assists Marathon Griffin Computers with Dell materials, solutions and resources.

Included in the above mentioned resources are such things as: technical white papers, online knowledge base access, I am authorized to use the Dell logo, customer financing, pre-sales support, to name but a few.

So rest assured, you are dealing with a professional company relating to the computer sales and service industry in Marathon and surrounding areas.